Back into the Pool

We are all trapped between our representations,

– the ideas we cling on to for the future we envision –

and the limited reach we can extend to in our realities.

We need to find that special person who will be able to bridge both worlds.



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  1. You certainly have a way with brevity and its judicious use in the presentation of ideas. Wonderful!

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ This is the challenge I have set for myself with this blog. I am delighted it speaks to you!

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      1. It certainly does. I have found, to my delight, in the works of several of my friends here, the less one writes, the more one is able to say. And that is quite an amazing feat. I’d say you’re succeeding quite well at your challenge!

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      2. Thank you ❤ This means a lot!

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      3. You’re welcome!


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