Self-centered? Of course I am.

I always look to grow.


I am not selfless.

I am self-aware.


I am not  doing it just for you.

I am doing it for me too.


I am not expecting anything in return. Simply being kind to you

Renders my soul more beautiful. I am happy to help. 


In doing so, I am thinking of me too.

The sweeter I am the better I feel.


So really, there is no need to thank me.

Thank you for making me feel useful.


This is kindness beyond face-value – sweetness empowerment.

Weakness should not be assumed, where strength is required.



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  1. zenlikefuck says:

    Empowered sweetness, now that’s a fine thought! I guess a selfless good deed does not exist, there is always an intrinsic pleasure involved. I love this, your lines are real simple and subtle and at the same time they are immensely empowering. Great post Rock 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 yes I believe you always take pleasure in doing good! It is rewarding to be a sweet person. I have been told so many times that being sweet meant being taken for a fool or being weak. I believe it is the opposite. Whenever you do something for others you get stronger and your reflection in the mirror gets brighter.


  2. ” I am not selfless
    I am self aware”

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    1. Thank you, M. 🙂 I am glad these lines spoke to you!


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