Dys- is a prefix that means “bad, ill, abnormal”. It destroys “the good sense of a word or increases its bad sense”.

My question is “Are we dys-connected?” and to what extend? 

Why is it that we need to share and connect so much with virtual people, or real people who are not in the room? So much so that we dismiss the presence of those who are.

Have not you noticed that you spend more time on your phone, starring at your agitated screens, checking your messages or writing some than actually talking to people, looking into people’s eyes?

We spend more time sharing pictures and commenting on them than we do spending those moments with those we cherish.

Why is it that I write more things about me online than I ever tell when I meet someone new? Of course my friends and family know all about what I share on my blog, but people I work with, or people I just met will not get to know that until months have gone by.

This is all just food for thoughts…


Please leave a comment if you want to discuss this. I would be happy to read your perspective.


To read more on my perspective, you can visit the post containing the full article I wrote and published on Mug’s Tale.


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  1. Some of us, if not more, are. Sadly.

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    1. I am afraid so too. Thank you for reading and reacting to my post 🙂

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