Soul Lines

We were standing in front of a strange door.

He pushed it open with a resolved hand.

We hopped on a fast train to his core.

He looked me straight in the eyes,

held my gaze, and took my hand.


Together we stepped out, and floated into his soul.

Light and dark fresques adorned

the walls of this never-ending

corridor. It was his universe.

He lifted me up so I could access

the highest corners of his most intimate

memories. He lowered me back to my feet to stare into

my eyes and see how I would react, if anything had changed.

All veils were lifted. Everything was translated for me to read.

He had bared his soul to me. He wanted me, trusted me

with his deepest, darkest secrets.


It was so much

to process,

all at once.

I needed to catch my breath.


It was not so much his confession of trust that daunted me,

I wanted in. I was in. Still, I felt weakened, because now it was my turn

to invite him in. I hoped that it was a journey he would be ready to embark on.


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  1. Great piece. I love the metaphors and that fear of the leap into one’s soul -vulnerability and intimacy.

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    1. Thank you so much! This piece is very dear to me, so it means a lot that you enjoyed it too. I believe that intimacy is important and precious. It is a meaningful show of trust and commitment. I wanted to celebrate it in these lines.

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      1. I think sometimes people forget how valuable trust is when you open your heart. You captured it beautifully 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree completely. Thank you so much! Your approval means a lot 😉

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