Rushing through the Woods

“The wind was brushing on my face. I was running as fast as I could, exhilarated by the empowering freshness of the air coursing through my lungs. The oxygen it contained was energizing me. I loved this forest, its feel, its sounds, its tastes. There was no other place like it. I was addicted to it.

I could feel the warmth emanating from the sunbathed earth under my feet. The contrast between the cool air flowing against my skin and the warmth of the soil against my bare feet felt exacerbating. I was elated, caught under the spell of the moment.”

An excerpt from Sighted by Hailie Andersen, first published on Mug’s Tale.


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  1. I love this so much, I can feel it.

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your kind perception. I am glad I could make you feel through my words. I love it when it does that, I am glad you do too 🙂

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  2. ZenLikeFuck says:

    Such a vivid description of nature’s exuberance. I loved your transformation throughout the piece, I’ll call it a baptism by nature. Your words were full of so much passion and vigour, it was like I was running alongside. I feel refreshed, my spirit cleansed after reading this. This is a gem, I’m going to keep coming back to this one. Thank you for posting this, Hailie! (I just had to post my comment here as well, that’s how much I liked it 😁😁)

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    1. Thank you so much T. ❤ I am so grateful for your appreciation of my text. The way you read it is just how I hoped I would make my readers feel 🙂 You make me so happy! I feel elated too now. I guess I just have to keep writing ❤

      PS: Just so you know, I enjoyed writing it so much I created a whole world around it. I will keep developing it and share my favorite touches with my lovely friends around here too 😉


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