Untangling Knots

… Reforming nets.

Love is so cruel, we say, but is it? Maybe it is not. Maybe it is us – people – who are complicated… or unaware… unable to decrypt our own feelings.

It could all be very simple. Either we love, or we don’t. Either we are attracted, or we are not. If one of those is missing…

…Well, then deep down we all know it.
True Love is not happening.

What if we would just pause, reflect, and stop playing with each other’s hearts? Stop aiming at random targets, as if we were playing darts.

What if we would slow down and take our time? Yes, really take the time to figure out our own feelings, before we chase after someone else’s.

…Maybe love would not be so cruel then, would it?


This post is answering another artist’s words. If you have not read it yet, I would love to recommend Tanya’s poem to you. She wrote heartbreaking lines exploring that topic.

Decrypting Him, by Tanya.

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  1. Wonderful post! I totally agree with you 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I am delighted that you do 🙂

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  2. Hey B. A lovely post. I always look forward to your posts, because you just pour your heart out, whenever you write. One of the reasons i love your work so much, because I could relate to most of them. I completely agree with everything you have written. I always ask all these questions myself and to people. I can never decipher the fact that how and when we as human beings have become so ungrateful. Why can’t just everything be confined to black or white, Why to bring the grey part in between? We live in a digital world, why can’t there be only 0 or 1? Love is never cruel, love is kind, love unites us together, but people surely are cruel. But we can’t judge others. Can we? We too have been cruel at a given point of time in our lives. Your post and all these questions have much deeper meanings then it just seems. 🙂 Have a nice day. Keep writing.

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    1. Thank you Tanmay 🙂 I am delighted to read that you enjoy my posts that much.
      Of course, nobody is a stranger to cruelty when it comes to love. At some point or another we have all hurt others, knowingly or not. The main idea here is to limit the hurt, to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings.
      Let’s face it when you open your heart and put out there at the mercy of love’s vibrant flame, you are bound to get burned. I do believe that love is worth the risk.
      Have a wonderful day too T. Of course I will keep writing 🙂

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  3. ZenLikeFuck says:

    A very apt answer to my questions, B. I never saw my post heading in this direction but I am glad it did. You make complete sense. It’s a shame that some of us expect pristine clarity from another person when it’s our insides that are plagued by the inability to see clear. And it’s not fair to expect what we cannot give in return.

    That said, I feel as we grow, our insecurities grow with us. We become weary of love. And even if we untangle all the knots and achieve clarity on our feelings, some questions become unavoidable and are always likely to crop up. Because we’re scared to be hurt again, we question every action of the other person. The future is dark, unknown and our hearts weak and sure we throw darts of questions but more than often the target is ourselves.

    I agree, love is never cruel. Our minds are, they shred it to bits and I can’t say this for everyone, but this only gets worse with time. Lovely post as always B, enlightening, thought-provoking. You’re showing me the light, one step at a time. Love ❤️❤️

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    1. You are adorable and so wise and clear in the way you write and perceive. It is a pleasure to read you. Your comments and posts always open a window of complicity and warmth in my heart. I love how we can understand each other so well, even if we have never met and live half the world away. ❤

      I can see how you never meant what I read through the lines of your post. That is the beauty of writing and reading, you never know how exactly it is going to be interpreted. There are as many ways to imagine a story as there are readers. 🙂

      I have this uncomfortable feeling too, that with time our ability to love becomes more corrupt and complicated. I do hope I will meet someone who will prove me wrong and render this apprehension unfounded. Someone who will still perceive love the way you and I do – a true gift, a complicity so strong it makes both your lives shine under a new light. As I am writing this, I see, there is still a romantic in me 🙂 No doubt about that, only hope to witness this side of me realise itself again. Someday.

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      1. ZenLikeFuck says:

        Just what I needed in the morning! They should bottle you up and label you sunshine. You right, writing and words are beautiful and the same set of words can mean different things to different people and still be special.

        You will find love, B. Probably when you least expect it. It will be wonderful and special and it’ll banish all those apprehensions. Much love ❤️

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        1. Awww ❤ Now you too just said what I needed to power me up in the morning. Thank you for being there and believing in me. Your friendship is amongst the most precious gift I could ask for! Much love to you too T. You rock ❤


  4. Singledust says:

    moving and full of depth, made me think about the times i can be hurtful to the ones i love because i was not getting my way and was in selfish pursuit of my own happiness. its people hurting people and then hurting themselves in the end, love was the culprit we got so entangled, but love is also the cause of heartbreak. really treasure this post.

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    1. I am delighted my post spoke to you 🙂 We all hurt and get hurt.. There is no bad intention most of the time – just a lack of awareness.

      There is no way around pain. It is how we work on ourselves, how we take control, when we are aware of the hurt we may cause that matters. I find that honesty is always the best way to go.

      Thank you for your words, your time and your appreciation 🙂

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  5. I think sometimes we play out little stories in our imaginations and try to impose them on ourselves and others. The advice to slow down and bring our focus from those daydreams down to our hearts is spot on. Not only does it reduce the mistakes we make with love, but resets our compass closer to the true love we seek. ❤

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    1. Especially when we have overactive imaginations. I know I indulge in letting them play in my head all the time.

      However the trick is to know the border between the stories we make up and the moments we live.

      Your thoughts are so wise Diane. I am right there with you and comforted that you agree that slowing down is the best way to go to make sure we are set on a path that will make us happy ❤

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  6. this post got me thinking a lot.

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    1. I am glad it did. That is its purpose 🙂

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      1. Yay, Mission accomplish


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