Screen Facing Romance

“XO acted his way into my life.

One day, he entered through a screen, a virtual path to my very real heart. He walked all the way in, to the meanders of my subconscious mind, and the idea of him never found its way out of this labyrinth.

Subconscious I is there somewhere too, and sometimes we run into each other. Day or night, at random times, when I pick up on a trigger, his face pops up in my head.

I close my eyes, and we chat.”

Excerpt from “XO”, or “On the Other Side of the Screen” by Hailie Andersen. First published on Mug’s Tale.

If you want to listen to the author interpreting her text, click here.

Picture credit: screenshot from Containment, The CW.


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  1. Hey Hailie! I must tell you that this one is sheer brilliance. You have written this so beautifully that I had to read the full story on Mug’s Tale. I also listened to your interpretation of this piece, that too was lovely. (A little British accent touch was like cherry on the top). You certainly have a way with words. 🙂

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    1. Hey T! I am so happy you read the whole story 🙂 I was hoping this teaser might leave a few souls hungry for more and draw them to my creative writing blog. Yay! Mission accomplished. Thank you for showing me so much appreciation, it goes straight to my heart.
      Ps: A British accent? Haha Thank you for liking the sound of my Canadian accent, from Halifax, NS. I guess Canadian and British English are not so far apart. Though I’ve lived in Reading, UK for a year, there might still be some residue from when I lived there.

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      1. I have always loved your work B, you are an inspiration. 🙂 Well you live in Canada? Few words like ‘loving’, ‘other’, ‘coming’ etc. you enunciated sounded much like British, I guess it’s because of your year long stay at Berkshire County. 🙂


  2. I don’t live there anymore, but I have lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have been around Canadians so much that I’ve borrowed their accent.

    Although you are very perceptive, some of the words I pronounce have a British hint to them. I am surprised it is that obvious 🙂 and that’s most definitely due to my time in Berkshire.

    I live in France now, next to the Swiss border, right on lake Geneva. It rains a lot but it is a gorgeous place.

    Again I am thrilled that you like my work and even more so that you think it is inspiring 💕

    You could not have paid me a better compliment.

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    1. I saw your comment just now. Sorry for responding back late. Well, you got me there. I am quite perceptive. I am an observer, just like you. I observe even the tiniest details. Creepy as it may sound, but that’s true. 😛 Well well well, aren’t you a lucky soul B? You lived in Canada, also in Berkshire and now you reside in France which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, that too near lake Geneva. Woah! Is Alps visible from where you stay? Would be a beautiful sight to wake up every morning to!

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      1. No worries, we got all the time in the world.
        I created my own luck and worked while I was studying and saved money to travel. I would not trust in fate, then or now. I had to take matters into my own reliable hands and it worked out quite alright. ^^

        The Alps are not visible from my balcony. If I step outside, I can see them though. I can send you pictures if you’d like 🙂 A morning walk by the lake is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever had the privilege to set my eyes on.

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        1. I can totally imagine and get jealous! I respect you even more now after this, hard work really pays off well, your journey is one such example.
          I really want to travel to France once (Though whole European trip is on my bucket list). Do send me the pictures some day, I would really appreciate that, I guess only pictures can be helpful for the time being. 🙂

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          1. When you make your way to France, you will have a friend to welcome you and take you on a tour of the Haute Savoie area 🙂 I will send you pictures. I believe your email is on your about page. It would be such a pleasure to meet you! Let me know when you plan to travel to Europe, we will have to meet up!

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          2. Oh yes I have heard about Haute Savoie. So sweet of you. You are really one kind soul. It would really be a pleasure to meet you. Trust me feeling is very mutual. Any plans to Visit India anytime soon? 🙂

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          3. I would love to visit India. Even more so now that I have beautiful encounters to look forward to. Tanya already invited me. When I make my way there you will know about it 🙂 Since I have plenty of holidays – being a teacher is fantastic. For it to happen soon, I guess we will have to organize my visit together 😉

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          4. Haha sure! Please do visit someday. I would welcome you with open arms. Yeah sure we would organize your visit together, that way I would also be able to meet Tanya, she’s also one exceptionally talented writer. I would learn so much from both of you when we meet. Woah! ❤

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          5. That would be splendid indeed! Thank you for the warm welcome. We just have to start planning now. 🙂
            Ps: Next week I will be in London with 48 students so I might not be connected every day – or at all. I have no clue how the internet situation will turn out to be.

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          6. Haha! Everything depends on when would it be suitable for you to be here. Also the number of days and month. Well enjoy your time at London. We can also plan after you are back from there. What a beautiful place to be. I am hoping it’s not your first time there. I had few friends back in London, though i lost contact with them sadly. 🙂


          7. I am looking forward to doing some planing with you and T 🙂 I’ve already been to London quite a few times. I love this City ❤ Its architecture, the Thames, its parks. It is sad you did not keep in touch. If you still have their contact you could send them a mail, it could make them very happy 🙂 I have a few wonderful friends who are still living in London. I'll meet up with them on Tuesday night 🙂 I can't wait.

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          8. Ha ha sure planning with T and T 😝 Enjoy your time at London B! Good night ! Sleep well! Adios! 🙂

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          9. Amazing, right? 🙂 Thank you! Sweet dreams to you too!

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          10. Hey! Morning! 🙂 I did reply to your mail! 🙂

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          11. Hey T.! I got your mail 🙂 Hope you slept well! Have a wonderful Sunday.

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