“I could sense a presence hovering over me. Something brushed against my bare skin. Rough scales, cold as ice. Leaving a burning itching rash in their wake. I felt threatened. A wild animal too slow to run, limited by the set pace of my body, and trapped in a shell.


“Still my body kept on walking. Both hands hanging by my sides. I tried to command it to turn back, retrace my steps to a point of origin. I could not. I tried to move my arms and reach out to my back. I could not.


I opened my eyes and still could not see anything. There was no blood on my back. My clothes were intact. I was still on the same road. Walking ahead. Robotic, automated steps. My body seemed unharmed.

Down Memory Lane

Reminiscent elements, redolent scents, Caressing breeze,  Evocative sounds, mindful tunes, Familiar shapes and  colors, So bright!


  A hand in my hair Its grasp firm and full Fingers closing on their catch Pulling slightly, tilting my head back Now stroking the back of my neck Passionately, skillfully Pushing my head forward and up

Broken Reflection

She entered the guest bedroom. She locked the door. Conducted another full check of the room. She removed her towel, hanged it on the door handle. She looked at her naked body in the wardrobe mirror.

Dripping Apart

Traces of the past have been marked On the rocks freed from the icy touch.   Lying on the ground, restless, aware Her age old body is shrinking, Breaking apart, melting away.

Sous La Mer de Glace*

We are digging our way into extinction. Growing apart Evolving backwards, Ignoring Nature’s calls, We are turning into selfish jailers.

Summer Break Lullaby

Ends of school years are always very emotional for me.   Every year, My students become a part of my life, And I, a part of theirs.

Pulsating Bruises

“She was starting to regain her spirit and a bit of her strength. She put down the glass. She could sense an intense pulse up there, vivified by the power of the water she had just ingested.

A Dark Underworld – Excerpts and Review

  “A black tide of fear overwhelmed me. My spirit flew right out of my body, straight into Underguard 1. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d crashed into his dreamscape.

Magic World – Quotes and Review

“Following Vikram with downcast eyes, Alif found himself in the entranceway of an apartment on the tenth floor – how, he was not entirely sure; Vikram had entered without appearing to produce a key.” Alif the Unseen, by G. Willow Wilson, p.120