Disappearing Act

Cool and calm,

You point a gun,

Aim at the crowd,

… and fire.


You take our lives –

Lives of people

You don’t know,

Lives you don’t value.


You believe

You are better.

You believe

We are less.


Our crime

In your eyes

Is to be different

From you.


We are all different.


I am different.

If you had seen me,

Would you have shot me?

Under the cover of hatred,


Under the cover of night,

You would have.


I am not scared of you.

I won’t live my life in fear.


You don’t matter.


The ones you killed do.

The ones who survived do.


We matter.


In the end,

Our beloved souls are remembered,

Celebrated, because of who we were –

Greatly missed.


You shot us.

Whether you did it

In someone’s name

Or your own,


It does not matter.


You cancelled yourself out.


In the end

We are the ones who remember,

Cherish, and Love –

Not you. We do it without you.


Because of you,

You are all alone,

Facing the nonsense

Of your distorted soul.


Shot in turn.


Your lone heart stopped beating – dead.


Our departed live on in our hearts – imprinted on our souls.



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  1. Vinnie Dime says:

    I love this one ! It’s moving and at the same time it sheds light on a kind of natural justice; comforting in a way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. There is no victory in murder. In my mind when you commit a crime, the promising version of yourself disappear and leaves only a dark shadow in its stand.

      Liked by 1 person

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