Losing Grasp

“She felt the exhaustion she had been accumulating still, motionless, sitting by the window, playing it all over and over again. She had felt groggy. There was a mist of shock clouding her mind. It made her feel like she was not really there. Like this did not really happen. This was some sort of nightmarish alternate reality.”

An excerpt from A Lion’s Roar, by Hailie Andersen – first published on Mug’s Tale.


Picture credit: Image captured by one of my students ©Camille Braud, in King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England, UK, on June 1s,t 2016.


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  1. my god, i love the pic and of course the lines are great as always

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    1. Thank you for the student who captured it 🙂 It is not my eye this time. Thanks for liking my lines too 🙂

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