A hand in my hair

Its grasp firm and full

Fingers closing on their catch

Pulling slightly, tilting my head back

Now stroking the back of my neck

Passionately, skillfully

Pushing my head forward and up


Expecting a kiss

A face

A scent

A skin brush against mine

I open my eyes

There is no one in sight

Yet I can feel this hand

Applying pressure on my neck

Hitting just the right spots

I am in heaven

Hot as hell

Yearning yet contented

All at once


This hand of mine is working wonders

It is working in unison

With my needs and expectations

I know my body so well

I realize

No one can handle me the way I can


Still I have this feeling that one day

Your hand will come to replace mine

And the feel will be a thousandfold. Real.



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    1. Thank you, M.! I am away from home and my 3G connection has reached its maximum, so I had trouble uploading a picture. I have added one now 🙂 yay!

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      1. Lol ok, I will go see now

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  1. Nice! I like this one a lot.


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