I opened my eyes and still could not see anything. There was no blood on my back. My clothes were intact. I was still on the same road. Walking ahead. Robotic, automated steps. My body seemed unharmed. As if nothing had happened. Yet I could feel the pain of the bite and the rough claws grasping at my flesh. Again and again, stabbing at my back, echoing the aggression I had just undergone. I could not be imagining such vivid pain. I had never felt anything like that before.


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  1. moonskittles says:

    This is so vivid, it made my breath and heartbeats fasten.. wow!!

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  2. Thank you Dajena πŸ™‚ ❀ I am glad it grasped your attention! It was the intended effect. Your comment makes me very happy!


  3. Frightening and so well done!

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    1. Thank you D. ❀ I am so happy you think so ❀

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  4. The picture tbat you left me with is so vivid

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    1. Thank you M. That’s fantastic!

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  5. Diana says:

    I had to do some deep breathing exercises after reading this. Feels like a nightmare? The portrayal has me searching for scratch marks and looking over my shoulder for the terrifying assailant. Feeling as uneasy as the author when you were typing it no doubt!

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    1. My imagination knows little to no bounds. Contemplation of reality, fantasy, horror or any type of fiction. Prose or verse, I try to make my words transcribe what I see and what it feels, whether it be real or dreamed. Yeah, this piece felt a bit nightmarish. Just a bit. I’ve been through worse. Thanks for appreciating it and sorry for the scare. ^^

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      1. Diana says:

        Don’t be sorry! To be scared, to be sad, to feel pain or the sting of rejection …. all integral components of the human condition. I have never lived in half measures πŸ˜€ and being jolted like this reminds me I’m truly alive!

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        1. I love your stand πŸ™‚ I feel the same πŸ™‚ though I prefer to experience it in the safety net of fiction than in real life, especially the pain or frightful elements..

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          1. Diana says:

            Oh yes of course, my fragile heart would not be able to cope. I actually can barely watch horror or violent films. And NEVER on my own!

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          2. It is the same for me, horror needs company to help me break the spell once it is over and during the movie, if it gets to intense. I don’t do gore movies. If there is violence or disgusting scenes that don’t bring anything to the plot of the story then I just won’t watch it. There are things you can never unsee

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          3. Diana says:

            Exactly. I often wonder what service the portrayal of gratuitous violence brings to the human psyche. I can find nothing.
            Serious moment here … hope you are having a nice eve 😊

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          4. So do I and neither can I. Though it has been present in most civilisations (Gladiators, arena games and public executions come to mind)
            I was writing to you. I just sent the letter πŸ™‚

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