He was sitting at his desk. His face buried in his hands. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He had been trying to hide his sad state of mind from his coworkers. Trying too hard to keep those feelings bottled in.

Key Stroke

Today – and every day since I was born – I have lived my life to the fullest. I lived it that way, because I knew it would end soon, precisely when the timer on my neck would stop. This also meant I knew that it would not stop any other time

Peaceful Departure

Resting in foliage shadows, I am contemplating the day I have had and what I could do of my remaining hours. I went hiking with my brother – we climbed up to lake Critol. I called my sister and my best friend. I had a great laugh with both of them.


  Nature rearranged, flowers set in an artificial fashion, Bright colors striking, capturing your attention, Fragrant news and mesmerizing thoughts Are attracting your focus some place. Meanwhile a myriad of plays are setting off,

The Tree House

April 1975 My brother and I had built that tree house next to our house with our uncle six years ago. Since then, on summer days, from dawn to dusk, we would sit there and pretend it was the largest, best-fortified castle in the kingdom

Airy Nuptials

I am stepping out the house, Hurrying down the flight of stairs, Fully equipped – I breathe in, and out – eager to flee The loud realm of my own soul.   With each step, our world Feels like it is morphing, shifting Around me

Handing Relief

Pressing on the bottle of anti-inflammatory cream, I am collecting the relieving, transparent fluid in my palm.   I apply it on her ageing knees, Her arms, her back,   Her hands –   She tells me, they too have started misbehaving Sending flashes of pain and waves of paralysis, 

The Witness

I am stepping out of my car. The drive was short, Yet I am now in a no man’s land, Compared to where I was before.   I have landed in a preserved bubble of Earth At the heart of the countryside. The roots of my family are planted here.

Elder’s Tales

She is smiling at me Proud of what she sees Delighted, moved, elated That I am staying To keep her company.   Nobody is ever that happy to see me She loves me and I love her More than words can say –

Heavy Skies

I am standing in the doorway Sheltered from the down pouring rain Under the porch canopy Looking out into the street. I know that somewhere   Night is settling in pelts of red and orange But over me the skies are all grey matter – Thick cotton clouds are all I can see.

A Night In Paris

  Chapter 28 – Julie and Alexandre Julie was studying Law. She was in her freshman year. Alexandre was studying Spanish. He was a sophomore. He had entered an exchange program to spend the following year abroad. It would be his first great solo adventure.

Defining Love

Hey everyone,  I was talking to a friend of mine and we were wondering about the definition of love. What is Love to us?  Here is what I came up with:  To me “Love” is a delicate potion, a mix of attraction, admiration, desire, and care – all the above being physical and intellectual.