A Taste of Freedom

Liberty brings you to life. You get up at wee hours in the morning, get out and enjoy the rise of a beautiful summer day. You run with the music humming in your ears. It is so empowering. So fulfilling. The world around you looks overwhelming. Gorgeous. Peaceful. Yet, bustling with early morning life.

Birds are chirping. Leaves are bristling and a light breeze is brushing through your hair, caressing your skin. It feels like an accurate embodiment of that Heaven on Earth utopian moment.

There is nowhere else you would rather be.

You have got it all. Around you.

Your resolve is absolute.

All one needs to feel complete are legs, a good pair of sneakers, a beating heart, and an early rise on a fair morning.

Ain’t I right? Before you say no. Make yourself aware and give it a try.


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