Elder’s Tales

She is smiling at me

Proud of what she sees

Delighted, moved, elated

That I am staying

To keep her company.


Nobody is ever that happy to see me

She loves me and I love her

More than words can say –

Though believe me, I am rarely at a loss

When it comes to them.


She tells me stories of a time past

When she was still able to walk,

And live, and thrive, and be.


Her memory is the most amazing wonder

Of all. She remembers everything

From the name of my mother’s first pet

To random names – Donata and Anne Marie –

The daughters of that French man

Who married an Italian woman ages ago.


She tells jokes and

Builds bridges out of thoughts.

She jumps from one subject to the other

With such agility. Immersive small talk is her specialty.

Her knowledge of our family history – and of all the families

Who ever lived in the area – is endless, really.


I am captivated.

I listen to her and almost forget

She is restless.


Her cheerful facade never holds up long enough

To fool those who know her best.


She has already been showing signs.

As hard as she is trying

She can’t hide those twitches of pain

From shadowing her tales.

The expressions of her face,


Her voice, her laughs, her bitter banters even,

I wish I could record her, to keep her longer,

But even if I did,

It would never be the same without her.




I love you Mamie <3, please fight the pain. Don’t give up,

and stay with me for as long as you can.


Featured image captured in Veynes’ artificial lake, Hautes Alpes, France, with my iPhone 5c, HDR, in September 2014.



14 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you, M. 🙂 It was written with love at heart.


  1. Very touching, sweetheart. I wish you lots of funny and tender moments together 🌼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my beloved fairy ❤ Your comment means the world to me. I have no doubts we will share many of those in the coming weeks. Much love to you and your loved ones too ❤ Miss you!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. PS: I love the new gravatar picture you picked ❤ As always, you look amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. ❤ That makes two of us ❤


  2. Oh wow.
    Great piece, and this:

    Her voice, her laughs, her bitter banters even,
    I wish I could record her, to keep her longer,
    But even if I did,
    It would never be the same without her.

    What a freaking ending! Straight from the fires of wordsmithery.

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    1. Reading your comment staging my lines made my heart beat faster. Way too fast! I am still recovering as I type. I did not know a comment could do that. Thank you <3. Being so close to my grandmother tears my heart. There is this duality inherent to my visits. I am incredibly happy to see her and at the same time her direct presence highlights the fact that she won't be there forever. I am elated and heartbroken. It is an overwhelming situation. I feel trapped and powerless but also strong and happy to be there. Thank you again for reading and leaving such amazing words to describe mine. I am truly moved by your appreciation.

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      1. 😃
        You’re welcome. I’ll remember those lines, which is unusual for all the writing I read on WP.

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        1. I am smiling now 🙂 There you are again brightening up my writing world. Thank you!

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  3. ZenLikeFuck says:

    It is heart-breaking to watch someone you love slowly fade away. She sounds so vibrant, so full of life even at this stage, she must have been a whirlwind in her younger days. So much is lost over time but remember, pretty B, memories remain. Love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your caring words soothe my heart ❤ thank you for being there my lovely friend; She was a very strong woman. Her body does not live up to her former standards now, but her mind still is perfectly sound though perhaps darkened by the pain that she has to pull through every day. I will remember your kind words my Tanya. Thank you for them ❤ You are precious ❤

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