Unmasked force. Open Behind closed doors, you layer Up when you reach out.

Gone With The Wind

I turn around expecting to see you.   All I see is a line stretching at the far edge of the world. An infinity bearing the weight of the world on its shoulders. 


I close my eyes And sense your gaze Looking down upon my face Your smile – a prize Fading phase Bright ablaze

Speed of Life and Leaps of Faith

I do not believe It is all just luck and chance There is more to it We can all create Our own luck, shaping moments, Opportunities We make it happen We go out there  – minds open – Share, build connections.

You Are My Home

How much have I Been missing you! I am so excited! Opening The door To your Protective Chamber, I can feel My heart Hammering In my chest


Curves – soft, firm and generous, Core – supple, athletic, reactive, Spirit – warm, free, rebellious, Mind – open, aware, imaginative Whole – unshackled, aspiring, elusive. Untouched – she feels her Youthful body is wasted On lack of others Free, yet secluded – Out of reach from enticing Encounters. Silenced.

It Is All About Style

Charlie was all dressed up, three days beard well groomed and all, dark brown hair messier than ever, giving him a fresh out of bed look. The finishing touch, a splash of perfume on his torso – just one – he never fancied people to smell him a mile away.

Caught Up in Mid-air

Softly monitored, Yet wild, unchecked – rough, soothing Delicate, a touch   A presence takes hold Ravishes my attention Amidst eying crowd   We don’t need to hear Nor say it, we know Night is Ours for the taking

Pot Pourri

Picture a multitude of richly scented pots of dried out flowers. Each an original mix. It downed on me that each human being can be compared to a pot pourri. What a weird statement, you will say.


Stranger’s touch winks; And grasps lost hand, eerie crush Gentle encounter. Gazes meet, smiles bond, Mirror, and cheeks blush, answer Aerial banter A move lands on deck A kiss – hairs on skin rise up Teeth close on my neck

Breaking Point

She sighed at the sight of him. He tried to grab her hand. She dodged his attempt and pulled away. He had betrayed her. She never asked him to be perfect. Not even kind. All she wanted from him was honesty. Knowing he would never lie to her face.


Body sitting still Watching landscapes swing, vibrant Bold, building up moods.