Your World


Creatures of this Earth – humans –

Cats, dogs, horses, and cattle – domestic –

Lions, and gazelles, snakes, and snails

– Wild things – tigers, wolves.


I want to be close to you

Understand your ways,

Your pure, primal behavior,

And your complex social rules


Observed by large and small

Many legged beings

Fluffy, tailed or scaled

Winged or finned


Living in soil, on land, on air,

Or underwater. Your dances

Amaze me. Choreographies

Of life, mating, survival instinct


Rivalry, care, and strive.

Vegetal world of grass, bushes,

Flowers, enamor me.

Minerals, water envelop me,


Wrap me up in your slippery grasp.

Rocks, back me up, and hold me tight.

Mountains and trees, cast

Your shadow over me.


Peaches and wheat fields

Nourish me. I won’t wait

Until you are poisoned or

Starved. I want to be


Your honored guest

When I see you needing my help

I will act and be your knight,

Of might and flesh armored.


I will be there to cater to your wounds,

Patch up your endangered soul.


To you and you only my Earth,

My friend, my family,


I pledge my unwinding love,

And mortal loyalty.


You are my home, and I am yours.

With these words I celebrate you.

Featured image captured on July 28th, 2016, with a DMC-GM5, Lumix G camera. It shows a torrent, in the Clarée Valley, close to the village of Nevache, in the South East of France.



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    1. Thank you, M 💕 lovely to read you!

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