Love in Time of Space Travel

Riding on a flying saucer

Meeting on the doorstep

Of your house for the first

Of a thousand fab rides


Flying you through to outer space –

A secret aerodrome

That’ll become our perfect place

That’ll change our lives


For the worst and the best.


Breathing lightly, you steadily

Test our affinities

Til you feel satisfied

With what you see – you feel


Right now you know I’ll hang on there

Indefinitely paired

We are getting closer

Unforeseen unity


Facing foreign stars – Heartily,

You look me in the eyes

Solemnly, grab my neck

Earnestly, press your lips


Against mine devouring me – I

Respond whole-heartedly

Under the golden dome,

Kissing you at sunset


Holding you safely in my arms

Until the bright Red star

Rises and sets again

I don’t want to let go


Light and substantial guest


Reaching the safety of your home

I lead you in, walk out

I part from you – the split

Forcefully rips my heart


Distance hushing your vivid light

The flames you lit in me

Still fondle at my core

Mood turning leaden light


Minds awake put to rest


My heart feels raw, scratched back to life

Sandpapered by your smooth,

Unwavering touch, soundly

Navigating my shores


Flying away, moving decors

The view remains the same

Unforgettable traits

Imprinted indelibly


Your lines are my new crest.

Picture captured on September 25th, 2016, in Veynes, France – iPhone 5S HDR settings, black and white treatment, Red Star added.


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