Transient Affections

He did not know what he wanted. He did not know what to do with his life. He felt like he was constantly watching time flutter and dwindle by, unable to grasp the flow of emotions repeatedly taking over, leaving his heart stranded on the shore. He would feel rinsed a few days after having reached climax and crumbled all the way down from there. He was watching others take action. Gripping their lives by the collar, making something out of them. Moving on to the next base. He could not. He lacked those strong convictions they all held on to.

His will was not strong enough to handle the constant ebb and flow of people walking in and out. His curiosity was strong. His sense of attraction, wildly hyperactive. His heart butterflied its way from one woman to the next – feeling strongly, over and over again, that each new flower he met could be the one. Until he caught a glimpse of something in them, something he did not find so fitting after all. Then he would hit reset and look out for the next. Showing his fleeting flings the way out of this life, as readily as he had welcomed them in.

This is an excerpt of a short story I wrote to answer Mug’s Tale’s 26th Weekly Writing Workshop. If you want to read the end of the story, click here.

Picture captured with my iPhone 5S, HDR settings in Aarhus, Denmark, on October 8th, 2016. (ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum – Your Rainbow Panorama)


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  1. Pauletry says:

    Lovely, this is lovely

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    1. Thank you! I am delighted you enjoyed it!

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      1. Pauletry says:

        I definitely did

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  2. Daria Kill says:

    Your written interpretations are wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Daria 🙂 I am thrilled you enjoyed reading them!

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