Bright New Skies

Growing up in a rough place, he never thought he would make it. But there he was that day, in this place of all places, with that woman of all women. How gorgeous she looked waiting for him to come and pick her up on her porch. She was only 17, a senior at the high school nearby. She had just moved in that year. She had given him a chance, when nobody had. She had made him feel visible in her eyes. When he was holding her hand, it seems like her presence cast a different light on him. People started to notice him. It was not even about other people in his mind really. It was all about him. I was all about her. She had given him a chance to realize his own existence, to accept it and respect it. Now he worshipped her for it.

Featured image: Sunrise on Annemasse, captured on the 26th of January 2016, 7:51 AM, with an iPhone 5C, HDR settings.



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