Broken Soul

I will never let you see

Beyond the surface

How scared and how scarred

I really am.


Je ne te laisserai jamais voir

Sous cette façade

Ma peur et ces cicatrices

Encore rougies.


In my eyes

Hidden beneath my smile

You will spot hints

Of a heavy life.


Dans mon regard

A peine dissimulé par mon sourire

Tu apercevras de lourdes traces

Laissées par le passé.


A life I am trying

As hard as I can

To bury under layers

Upon layers of new habits.


Un passé dont j’essaie

De disposer avec force

D’enterrer sous des couches

Et des couches de nouveaux gestes répétés.


But it catches up;

And my day is wasted

In tears and rotten ink

I can’t erase.


Mais il me rattrappe,

Et ma journée s’éparpille

En larmes et en encre infectée

Que je ne peux effacer.


Its effect imprinted,

Tattooed upon me forcefully

Holding me back restlessly

Scavenging traces of joy,


Son effet imprimé,

Tatoué sur ma peau, imposé.

Il me restreint sans relâche,

Emportant toute trace de joie,


Away from my soul.

Loin de mon âme.


Picture captured in Toulouse, in 2016 with an iPhone 5C, HDR settings –

Poem written as part of the 36th Weekly Writing Workshop on Mug’s Tale. Click here to view the article. 



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  1. Diana says:

    Your native tongue is such a beautiful sounding language, I had to read it softly with my stuttering high school French. It added another exquisite layer to your composition, already beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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