I am home now. Alone. Empty.

But alive.

Life is unpredictable. So fragile. So persistent.


It is indescribable.

Kind of confusing really.


That’s is it. I am stuck


in a provisory state of permanent confusion.




Once this step is over, this undefined period of doubt

Will give way to an indefinite state of nothingness or

Some sort of transcending form of existence.


All bets are on the table.

I won’t place mine anywhere.


Never been much of a gambler.




I’d rather live by my rules for now,

Just actively grow,


And see or not see  –

One day or never,

In this life and after –


Whether something or nothing awaits.


Sun piercing through foliage, captured with an iPhone 5S, HDR Settings, in October 2016, in Veynes, France.


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    1. Hey Daria, Thanks for checking in. Yes, I am okay.


      1. Daria Kill says:

        As long as it’s your writing, not your psyche.

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        1. There is always an imprint left of me in my writing. I do feel a little lost. There are so many things one cannot control in life. Mostly we have to push through and sometimes it does feel overwhelming.


          1. Daria Kill says:

            Yeah, you’re right. As long as you are okay. I see rawness.

            I write rawness but it’s passed so I’m okay. Just checking on others, is all. Daria. xx

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          2. I am, I promise. Again, that is very sweet of you to inquire. I am glad you overcame these raw emotions as well. 🙂 Have a beautiful day. xoxo

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  1. Peter McGlynn says:

    I love how open to interpretation writing can be. While you can see confusion and loneliness, you can also see certainty in a decision to ignore it and live your life. Even the source of the confusion can have a different meaning depending on perspective. The mention of the afterlife is clear, but to me at least, I also see love and relationships in it and the decision to ignore it and just grow until you find somebody that is right for you, to not change yourself to feel happy with somebody who’s not.

    Thanks for getting my mind woken up today 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Pete. Your comment is refreshing and very insightful. I love that about writing too. There are as many interpretations of a text as there are readers. That is the whole beauty of it.

      I see all of that too in my lines and more. Life can feel both like a delightful wonder at times and a daunting sum of hardships at others.

      The complexity of relationships not only encompasses love life, but family, friends and acquaintances as well. Social bonds have to be nourished and with them you gain and lose a little bit of yourself all at once.

      Those links you create and nurture hold a lot of power over you. They can make you feel stronger at times and weaker at others.

      I agree with you on the soulmate front. Though sometimes I wonder how long it will take for such a person to cross paths and stick around. I also wonder if I would be able to see my Mr. Right if he was standing right in front of me.

      Even more to the point, there is no guarantee that there is even someone out there who would be right for each and everyone of us. That is probably why most people just settle.

      You are very welcome 🙂 Thanks for reading and reacting 🙂 I am loving it!


    1. I am. Don’t worry I am a strong girl.

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        1. Thanks, that is very sweet 🙂 I appreciate it.


    2. Thanks for checking in though 🙂

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  2. Nice, deep. Somehow pain-, but also hopeful. As you describe aptly, we cannot bet on external events and circumstances. But I think too we can control our personal growth, our mind. Thanks.

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    1. Hey Mathias! Thank you for reading and for reacting with your kind and insightful words 🙂 I agree with you, we can definitely control who we are and who we want to grow into tomorrow. You are very welcome, it is my pleasure.

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    1. Of course I am 🙂 It is just a poem. Thanks for inquiring.


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