Rapunzel’s Strands

She is opening doors.
A few adventurers are walking in.
She is sending faulty ropes for them to grasp and mend,
The only way to climb up to her stair-less high porch.

She is listening to their voices on the way,
Severing a line here and there,
When she can’t picture herself going along
With their streams of thoughts and words.

She steps back and moves on,
Opening other doors,
Resolutely letting too many in at once.
Realizing only too late the absurdity of her move,

She closes them all in a whim.
She knows she can’t play that game –
A game with ever changing rules.
She can’t decipher them all, figure them out as they come.

So she creates her own set of rules.
Now invisible to the wicked,
A shimmer to the faint of hearts,
She has shifted the game around.

In hopes that one day,
A courageous heart will see the masked door
Through the clouds, hop
And cling on to this one last rope right up to her soul.

Featured image: Shot of some stalactites and a discreet hole in the wall, in the surprising caves, in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. It was captured by an iPhone 5S, HDR settings on February 20th.


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