Leap of Faith 

Senses heightened.
Mind aware.
I let him get close.
So close… It feels like I can’t tell
Where he ends and where I start.
Thus our story begins. 

Featured image: Pier near Anthy sur Léman. Captured on May 19th, 2017, with an iPhone 5S HDR settings

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  1. So much emotion in such a short piece of art

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your enthusiasm, M! I am glad you enjoyed it. You know your feedback is always very much appreciated 😉Have a beautiful day!

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      1. It is always such a pleasure


  2. Singledust says:

    love the photo! so tranquil and I love being out on the water like that, sitting on the jetty. Letting someone close is scary and exciting all at the same time. When we start tripping over each other’s sentences and stories it feels like coming home. when we are the start and end to each other and the lines are blurred in between, oh such an amazing feeling. Like finding the place we know we can belong. I remember our first date, we never stopped talking for 3 hours! and we promised it would be an hour over dinner as we both had to work the next day. But it felt like coming home. and we both did not want to leave. I am so in love with your words my dear, they found a place in my heart and stayed. just like coming home too.

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  3. Diana says:

    Let there be a thousand beginnings and no endings for a heart as big as yours!

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    1. Friendship is a gorgeous, generous, non-restrictive bond. It feels like it can last forever, and I believe it can. I wish I could say the same about partners. Its seems so fragile compared to friends or family. In my mind it is supposed to be the most enduring of all. It hasn’t lived up to my expectations so far. Thus my single marital status ^^

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      1. Diana says:

        I know what you are saying. With partnerships there are high expectations, strong affections and memorable passion. But often people then cut ties when it ends and become strangers or worse. How can that be when two were once inseparable!?
        But I beseech you, don’t lower your expectations – aim high and you will always soar with eagles dear one 😊

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        1. Exactly! Don’t worry they will remain as high as can be 🙂

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