Stepping Up

The sharp contours of his face contrast with the softness in his eyes.
He has got me caught under his spell.
His gaze wrapped up in mine.
His arms engulfing me.
My heart is beating faster by the minute.
Our bodies as one, I am breathing,
Letting hot air run through me.
Goose bumps.
He notices and asks me.

“Am I cold? Boy no. It is you.
Your touch is the culprit. It is overwhelming.
You are the one whom I never dared to hope I would meet.”

Featured image: Lake Geneva, May 19th, 2017. iPhone 5S. HDR settings.


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  1. Singledust says:

    Hello! It’s been awhile since I have read your lines and I see this and see what I just posted and think we are having the same experience across the miles. I too have fallen for strong arms and an electric touch! Your words resonated with me so deeply it was spooky. I loved your last line the most as like you I never dared dream it could be. thank you for such a lovely piece of poetry.

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    1. Good Morning Gina ❤

      How have you been?
      It has been a while since I published anything. My work as a teacher, and my passion for music have kept me very busy this year. I haven't given up writing, nor photography. I still do both but I haven't taken the time to publish anything. Summer is coming and this tells me I will find time for everything, including sharing my work with the lovely bloggers here on WordPress.

      Thank you for saying "hi" and for sharing your reception of my lines. I love to see the power of words at play. I am so happy for you and you superman. It feels like this new found love is your muse.

      I had a look at your poetry book. I love how genuine your lines are. They speak straight to my heart too. You are great at capturing and transcribing moments.

      As for me, I may have met strong arms, I just haven't fallen for them yet. I am still at the getting to know each other stage. This is only fantasy. I enjoy creating moments in writing, pushing the boundaries of reality by daring to let imagination take over. There are no risks in fiction. It is safe. It is vivid in anticipation.

      Writing feeds my soul, until maybe one day reality will step up and take back its rightful place.

      Many thanks again for passing by and saying "hi" ❤

      Much love my friend and congrats for your beautiful success in love and writing.


      1. Singledust says:

        hi Hailie! Yes it has been awhile but I was happy to see your post pop up, I was posting stuff before we went away for a 4 day weekend! I do so love reading your words and have missed you, though I do know how work can get busy especially when you are doing something you really love.

        I hope the summer will be awesome for you, not only for writing but doing all the things that makes you happy.

        Writing does allow us to add some fiction to reality, I so agree and you said that with such clarity, yet it also allows us to write in depth about things we cannot say for real. the fiction gives the story the depth I feel, we cannot reveal real identities or facts so we write stories with lines that cross and weave from reality to fantasy.

        That made your poem so touching this morning when I read it and I have copied it into my journal as I don’t want to lose that feeling you have captured so well.

        While you are still at the getting to know stage, I think that’s the most magical one of all, the newness and the rush of feelings of wanting to find out more about each other. I am happy for you. Whatever it turns out to be, every step in the communication between two people is really something to treasure, it’s hard to even make a connection in the first place don’t you think?!

        I am so happy to say HI! and even more that you have taken the time to reply. I always remember you and your lovely writing.

        thank you for your kind words on my book, yes those words came out of a really beautiful relationship and friendship that inspired me to let go and feel what love can do, which is heal. it’s just a tiny book of little lines but it means a lot to me.

        Happy summer, my best wishes for a wonderful life filled with unexpected moments of love and happiness!

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      2. Thanks for your precious insight, Gina 💕. I totally agree with you. A connection is a very rare thing. This one feels so fabulous. I love it when reality exceeds even fictional standards of expectations.
        Maybe your benevolent wish of unexpected love is coming through 😉 Thank you again for being such a sweet friend!
        Much much love back to you and all the best in writing this beautiful new page of your life. I too am so happy for you 💕


  2. Marvelous piece of art

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    1. Thank you M.! I am so happy you enjoyed it!

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      1. Always. Hope you are doing ok

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        1. I am doing well, thank you. Teaching English and learning music have been keeping me very busy, that’s why I haven’t been as present this year as the previous one. Thank you for caring 😊 How about you? How is life treating you these days?

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          1. Oh, I see. I am doing ok. Thank you so much for asking


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