DFSA* – Raising Awareness

Shudder, heart racing
Palms sweating, smooth clothes fitting
Uncomfortably tight

Short of breath, breaking
Into a run, pain jabbing
At my heart, I feel

Sick and puke it all
Over my stilletto heels
I knew I should not…

I shouldn’t have had
That drink… that man.. his cologne
Urgh… Puke again.. argh

There was something off
About him. The bar. I should
Have trusted my gut!

Head spinning fast… now,
The sidewalk feels close… too close…
It is dark… too dark…




*DFSA: Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault.

FACT: Alcohol is the most common date rape drug used today.


Be aware. Stay in control. Think.

Is that drink worth taking that risk? 

Featured image: La Peña, Thonon Les Bains, July 18th 2017. iPhone 5S, HDR settings.




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    1. Thank you for spreading awareness and sharing my work 🙂


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