Eyes bestow, ears tune in. As I run, vibrant sun causes beads of sweat to simmer on my reddened skin, on and on I step – eye-sight flickers. Focus lost. Ground heaves under my feet. I tumble. and regain balance.

Eyes and Ears

Cracking, crackling sounds, chomping clatter, cascading down with shreds, fragments Falling, thudding on branches. Leaves rustle – clamour answering the shocks, rippling in waves, bough to sprig. Shattered airborne seeds, scrap by scrap, fall back to Earth. Organic shells crash, inanimate dust.


Along the asphalt road, the heart of the mountain whispers age-old tales of nature and men. Thriving, striving, belonging, nurturing, feeding, nourishing, settling, struggling, scarring, destroying, ruining, poisoning. Questioning mankind’s stand, stellar heroes brandish Nature’s coat of arms.

Material Witness

Earthy plates crashing, segments colliding with force, exerting pressure,   causing mineral matter to rise and reach out to the skies, prickling   celestial grounds, tickling vaporous feet – ore touch, unsettling,

We Say

Our lives are canvases We will paint’em right up Awake, in our dreams Grab my hands we will waltz ’till our sore feet ache, And our hearts can’t take Come right here and kiss me, I will be there for you , I tell you, you will see .

A Song of Skies and Waters

Eyes slip on water, drawn to air like fire, float, meet astral flames. Lit, burning skies catching fiery sun fire, wielding swords of light, piercing through cotton vapours. Daunting clouds, weightless shields, sheltering, floating.

The Alleyway

“Strolling down the alleyway, She whispers to the stars. Strands of air weeping in the dark, She sings to the night”

Love Designs

“There they were In their hearts Somewhere As if they had always belonged there”

In the Seam

We are constantly walking between halls, of rooms, we can no longer enter – or cannot yet see – On a thin thread that ceases to exist, as soon as we land the next step. There is no walking back. No speeding up.


– ART – Art makes the world a better place. It stirs emotions in people. It brings to light horrors, beauties, and shows everything in between. It reveals what would otherwise remain unseen. Beware though and look past the frame into its soul.  

Magic Within

Creativity is a voice that you call to. It is right there, ‘t sings inside of you. You just have to learn how to reach out to it, hold, and pull it through.


The light descending From the skies lets its magic Residues shimmer, And land an instant, Before it collects them back, And fades out of sight.