Un et Une

Ouvre moi ton coeur, Open your heart to me, Montre moi les details, Show me the details, Qui composent ton être, That create who you are, Intime de ton histoire, Intimate of your story, Inconnu de la mienne. Yet unknown in mine.

We Say

Our lives are canvases We will paint’em right up Awake, in our dreams Grab my hands we will waltz ’till our sore feet ache, And our hearts can’t take Come right here and kiss me, I will be there for you , I tell you, you will see .

The Alleyway

“Strolling down the alleyway, She whispers to the stars. Strands of air weeping in the dark, She sings to the night”

Love Designs

“There they were In their hearts Somewhere As if they had always belonged there”