The light descending From the skies lets its magic Residues shimmer, And land an instant, Before it collects them back, And fades out of sight.


Heat… Overwhelming Wave of heat. Whoa! I can’t feel My head. I falter. Faint. Fall. Bang! Black out. Soft wind is brushing my cheek. Mmm… Conscious mind stirs. Eyes rouse, open, click. Where am I? What happened? The sun is striking.

Textured Touch

Ardent Sun sets down, Caresses her sleek surface With his tinted rays. Zealous touch explores, Causing blissful shakes, shivers, Heated, flushed embrace. Fugitive gaze paints Fleeting tattoos on wet skin, Vibrant hues, fading, As lovers part to rest.


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

A Mountain of Pebbles

Upon waking up he felt relieved. He was addicted to her. Her voice… Her skin, her eyes, her arms, her touch   Her stories… He liked everything about her, When they were together. — Then it came ruining Everything.

Terra Firma

It hurt her to know that she would never feel His arms around her again, she considered, But it was a higher relief to be off That straining roller coaster of highs and lows.

Misplaced Grip

Sometimes it feels like you are with me Out of misplaced duty, not out of want. You don’t owe me anything. You want out? Just go. I will be better off on my own Than with unrequited love gripping At my hand and clawing at my heart.

Eyesight Readjustment

Sometimes, when all hope seems lost, and you are left there Staring at this man-made, senseless, chaotic mess. All you need to do is shift focus, walk further,


She would grab the bull by the horns And tell him she needed to talk to him. She thought she had finally grasped The meaning of his “beware” warning.


She had sent him a text that morning, Then she had had a crappy day. A virtual hug, a cuddle, A listening ear. His words. She knew anything from him Would have made her feel better.

Lush Light

I delight in watching the sun rays lose their aggressiveness, and grow soft filtered through the persienne shutters and the lace curtains, casting delicate shadows on the tiled floors.