Souls wielding Time and opportunities Arising from moments Instant flashes Turning wheels

Speed of Life and Leaps of Faith

I do not believe It is all just luck and chance There is more to it We can all create Our own luck, shaping moments, Opportunities We make it happen We go out there  – minds open – Share, build connections.

Caught Up in Mid-air

Softly monitored, Yet wild, unchecked – rough, soothing Delicate, a touch   A presence takes hold Ravishes my attention Amidst eying crowd   We don’t need to hear Nor say it, we know Night is Ours for the taking

The Last Straw

  If only you had not uttered that one sentence, She would not be crying, hurting where it matters the most   Heart struck you bite your lip hoping Your gripping teeth could tear That senseless mouth of yours, And retreat silently to your room.

I Wanted To Be Therefore I Am

This is a poem – a letter to myself – I wrote about ten years ago. Reading it back today made me smile. I have become the woman I wanted to be then. Twenty-year old me would be proud. This ten-year-older, future version of herself is just like she had envisioned. 

Tough Choice

I wish I could make things better. I love you, and I love her. I chose me and I chose her, instead of you, And Caleb was born.   I wish you could be his godfather, He is a great kid. He loves the ball. Remember how we used to play?


“People think we are lazy and we cannot shoulder hard work, Nor long, cold hours starring at a moving screen. Clearly they have never planned a coup.   I have been sitting by this house for days, Trying to establish a pattern, a routine of some kind,

First Encounter

You couldn’t help yourself. The temptation was too strong. The stakes were high, your heart at risk.   I seemed too delectable a treat to miss out on. You told yourself, there had to be a flaw somewhere, If only you could find it, you’d be free again.

Disappearing Act

Cool and calm, You point a gun, Aim at the crowd, … and fire.   You take our lives – Lives of people You don’t know, Lives you don’t value.   You believe You are better. You believe We are less.

Right Through Me

Very few people see beyond appearances. It takes them forever to see me for who I really am. Here though, right there on screen, you can see right through me. There is no need to read between my lines. I make it clear. My soul is exposed, yet I am serene.

Blank Space

There are days when I feel like I have all the time in the world. Days when I feel patient, when I have this idea that everything will turn out all right. And there are days like today, when I don’t feel like it is going to be okay at all.