Air Cocoon

In the darkness, I think of you, of your arms I will soon feel again. The void around me turns layers and becomes tangible. It is as if the particles of air were rising up along my lines to try and mimic your presence, recreating an illusion of your caresses in your absence.

A Song of Skies and Waters

Eyes slip on water, drawn to air like fire, float, meet astral flames. Lit, burning skies catching fiery sun fire, wielding swords of light, piercing through cotton vapours. Daunting clouds, weightless shields, sheltering, floating.


Keys turned in the lock. He walked in, and shed his coat and jacket in the lobby. Then he eyed his flat. Soulless, nude space, open lines, cold, empty walls, uplifted only by the view, and the grey light filtering through the high windows.