Ephemeral Life

– i – Little shadows dancing on asphalt screen. Wings fluttering unseen, owning the air, as we are bound to ground. Tiny weightless bodies, heaving high and low, flitting up and down, gently brushing by, circling, grazing disturbed skin, stunned by foreign touch.


– ART – Art makes the world a better place. It stirs emotions in people. It brings to light horrors, beauties, and shows everything in between. It reveals what would otherwise remain unseen. Beware though and look past the frame into its soul.  

Unexpected Sight

There is so much I see, So much care, So much beauty, So much potential, That it diverts my gaze. Once I notice it, It starts to pop up, And spread   All around me.

Ever Growing Soul

Her reflection casts The beauty of an old soul Long travelled and wise

The Scent

Whenever she passed by, there was this scent around her. She smelled like a meadow in spring – field flowers, tender earth and moist grass. Everything about her was refreshing. 


Curves – soft, firm and generous, Core – supple, athletic, reactive, Spirit – warm, free, rebellious, Mind – open, aware, imaginative Whole – unshackled, aspiring, elusive. Untouched – she feels her Youthful body is wasted On lack of others Free, yet secluded – Out of reach from enticing Encounters. Silenced.

Caught Up in Mid-air

Softly monitored, Yet wild, unchecked – rough, soothing Delicate, a touch   A presence takes hold Ravishes my attention Amidst eying crowd   We don’t need to hear Nor say it, we know Night is Ours for the taking


Stranger’s touch winks; And grasps lost hand, eerie crush Gentle encounter. Gazes meet, smiles bond, Mirror, and cheeks blush, answer Aerial banter A move lands on deck A kiss – hairs on skin rise up Teeth close on my neck


Coursing middle grounds Where Horizon meets the eye Cottonous limbo Navigate the grounds Above and below veils, feel Timely weightless Staring Horizon In the eye aiming its meet Dead on hopeless quest Restlessly retire And drift next sun up until Night sets lights to rest.


If we pay attention and watch closely Around us, or if we look back and observe Captures of moments past, They pop up and become evident   Interactions, connections, links   They are there – ever present, Obvious and exposed staring us In the eye – in the foreground Discreet and hidden – in the background


  UP! Your Strength – Blissful gift Walk, run, hike – Immersed in nature Reaching UP, all the way, Until you can’t climb any higher. And stop. Observe. Breathe it in, and out. You did it! You are standing on top of the world. 

A Taste of Freedom

Liberty brings you to life. You get up at wee hours in the morning, get out and enjoy the rise of a beautiful summer day. You run with the music humming in your ears. It is so empowering. So fulfilling. The world around you looks overwhelming.