“I could identify everything around me, yet nothing looked the same. My surroundings were cast in black and white. There was no blur, just a total absence of colors. The shapes were profoundly neat.


A tiny voice in my head: “Nice to meet you! How do you do?” How nice it would be to hear that from you. Await I did – I watched – patient in my place, Knowing a lifetime chance might never present itself again. A single phrase to a stranger’s ear could make it real.

Shadow Play

Your presence soothing An arrow through my heart darting As I was sitting there smiling Perfectly unaware of its stung Until the end of our conversation.

Crossroads Freeze

Wake up! Stir… Choose… Go ahead! Make up your mind. Make a move, and On to the next decision. Steer clear of diversion. Note to self:  Don’t delay too long Know that Most often than not


“I feel dirty and overexposed.  My eyes are sore from sights, they can never un-see.  My ears burdened from voices, words and sounds, they can never un-hear. My skin sullied from unwelcome brushes, grabs and other touches, it can never un-feel.

Will You Dance With Me?

By adding a “you”to a “me”, we are building an “us”, shaping the “who” we could be, together.

Decipher My Mystery

Mysterious… Anything you perceive as such might appear so, because you have yet to sip it up, and take it in to sort it out.