Skies on Fire

“If and when love happens to you and me, it will be special. It will shake our worlds upside down and lift up all the specks gathering on our shelves – up to the skies and let them rain down again.

A Leap of Faith

Memories live in the past. If it is a present you want, and hopefully a future at her side, Don’t wait up. Hold her close and tell her You don’t want to look back.

Catch Me if You Can

“I started running ahead, daring him to follow me. I threw the towel down on my way, buying myself milliseconds on him – I knew he would not resist picking it up. He caught up, and grabbed me. Once. I barely escaped.

A Kiss

“I looked up at his chiseled face. He ran his hand on my wet hair and extended a kiss. As his lips brushed against mine, my eyes closed. Instantly. I was transported. He had the taste of sand and sunburnt skin.

Astral Projection

“By bits and pieces your picture is forming in front of me Assembling words, images… and moments, My mind is patching you up. In the morning light, You see right through me and smile.”   An Excerpt from Linger by B. – First published on Mug’s Tale


“My body and mind remember you, as if you had never left. Hints around me remind me of you being there The pillow in my room, where you lay your head While holding on to me, still holds your smell   Prisoner, as if its material answered my prayer Letting a part of you stay here forever.

Untangling Knots

… Reforming nets. Love is so cruel, we say, but is it? Maybe it is not. Maybe it is us – people – who are complicated… or unaware… unable to decrypt our own feelings. It could all be very simple. Either we love, or we don’t. Either we are attracted, or we are not. If one of those is missing… …Well, then

Rushing through the Woods

“The wind was brushing on my face. I was running as fast as I could, exhilarated by the empowering freshness of the air coursing through my lungs. The oxygen it contained was energizing me. I loved this forest, its feel, its sounds, its tastes.

Writer’s Crush

Ever since I have started blogging Reading, following your works, I have felt spikes of admiration Love, sadness, empathy   Creativity is thriving all around me All around you, the lines we share, The work we do, our synergy is The stuff of dreams, the stuff of my dreams.


A tiny voice in my head: “Nice to meet you! How do you do?” How nice it would be to hear that from you. Await I did – I watched – patient in my place, Knowing a lifetime chance might never present itself again. A single phrase to a stranger’s ear could make it real.

Icy Light

The party was long over, And though from that day on, On and off, I had been thinking of you, I knew those thoughts never meant to stay.   Until one day, appeared a familiar face on a screen, Long forgotten souvenir of a winter night’s dream Parading as a timeless wink,

Living Art

  I need art to breathe, To feel alive, to steal, Instill life on my page. Captured, encrypted, twisted, Or untouched, untainted, merely observed. Surrounded, immerged, Overwhelmed, I feel whole, complete, And utterly serene.