I am home now. Alone. Empty. But alive. Life is unpredictable. So fragile. So persistent.   It is indescribable. Kind of confusing really.   That’s is it. I am stuck   in a provisory state of permanent confusion. Advertisements


Souls wielding Time and opportunities Arising from moments Instant flashes Turning wheels

Belated Awakening

She would be the souvenir of a moment past. Her atoms would be far away, Or long gone, And her charms and petals long withered,

Fleeting Connections

Whoever they were, Whatever they believed, Whatever they told her, She knew She could not get attached.


A tiny voice in my head: “Nice to meet you! How do you do?” How nice it would be to hear that from you. Await I did – I watched – patient in my place, Knowing a lifetime chance might never present itself again. A single phrase to a stranger’s ear could make it real.


Here comes my riddle, So listen closely.   “My whole is a powerful link that can’t be accessed in a blink.   It is not… A secret. Well-kept. Guarded. Hidden.   Yet it is… Preserved, So precious, lovely and tender, to some, it has come to sound unattainable.

Blooming Wishes

Disclaimer – This post contains VIPPI – Very Important and Personal Pieces of Information. Pursue reading at your own risk.


  Between an artist and their instrument I believe there is a bond, forged in an instant, Tantamount to mystical action. Within, you reach out. Withal, you pour in. You start playing – the sounds, the notes, The feel, its grip – that link is stronger than you. You dive in and merge.

Just Saying(s)

  “Patience is the key.” Set your goals and work your way there.” “[Most of] the best things in life do not come easy.” “Don’t wait up.” “Make it happen.”   “Don’t give up.” “Practice makes perfect.” “[Make] your dreams come true.” “Dream big, start small.”

Heart-Break Pollution

You can never forecast Whether it is the last of those rejections, But you have to move past And on to your next dice-roll projections.   From The Truth About Love, by B.

Be Happy!

Look! Out there Lies not just one path That leads to your happiness. Before you can find it elsewhere, My advice is to build it within yourself. Then you can go on, and explore at your own pace.   From The Truth About Love, by B.

Spin and Spice

“I love you, you lucky you. I don’t want to change you. I just want to love you, and feel loved back by you.”   If you are lucky enough to hear these words, it doesn’t mean you can just step in, settle and lay back in my life.