Trapped, hands tied, mouth taped, Slowly I grasp consciousness I open my eyes, Discover a den – Earthen ground, soiled sheets undone On a dirty bed.

On Hold

As life bustles by Under the clearest skies, Frozen I sits still.


I am home now. Alone. Empty. But alive. Life is unpredictable. So fragile. So persistent.   It is indescribable. Kind of confusing really.   That’s is it. I am stuck   in a provisory state of permanent confusion.

A Sci-Fi Tale of Christmas Spirit

For the time being though, while his assistant’s schedule was crammed up with meetings and administrative bores, Timothy was taking a break from it all. He was looking forward to relaxing with his family, his loved ones. 

Bright New Skies

Growing up in a rough place, he never thought he would make it. But there he was that day, in this place of all places, with that woman of all women. How gorgeous she looked waiting for him to come and pick her up on her porch.

Transient Affections

He did not know what he wanted. He did not know what to do with his life. He felt like he was constantly watching time flutter and dwindle by, unable to grasp the flow of emotions repeatedly taking over, leaving his heart stranded on the shore.


  Tonight under the clearest skies I look out through Thinking of you Baptizing stars with strangers’ names Wondering which is yours I blink and in an instant One of them is gone


Souls wielding Time and opportunities Arising from moments Instant flashes Turning wheels


Unmasked force. Open Behind closed doors, you layer Up when you reach out.


Curves – soft, firm and generous, Core – supple, athletic, reactive, Spirit – warm, free, rebellious, Mind – open, aware, imaginative Whole – unshackled, aspiring, elusive. Untouched – she feels her Youthful body is wasted On lack of others Free, yet secluded – Out of reach from enticing Encounters. Silenced.


Stranger’s touch winks; And grasps lost hand, eerie crush Gentle encounter. Gazes meet, smiles bond, Mirror, and cheeks blush, answer Aerial banter A move lands on deck A kiss – hairs on skin rise up Teeth close on my neck