– ART – Art makes the world a better place. It stirs emotions in people. It brings to light horrors, beauties, and shows everything in between. It reveals what would otherwise remain unseen. Beware though and look past the frame into its soul.  

Textured Touch

Ardent Sun sets down, Caresses her sleek surface With his tinted rays. Zealous touch explores, Causing blissful shakes, shivers, Heated, flushed embrace. Fugitive gaze paints Fleeting tattoos on wet skin, Vibrant hues, fading, As lovers part to rest.


I’m giving you space, But you are taking so much, It feels like escape.


Powerful presence Watching, overseeing us, Enveloping souls,   Weeping. Raging veil Piercing, eerily floating, Blowing, shadowing.


Sun-filled day, Light breeze Breathing through branches, Caressing my skin, Nurturing my soul.

Leap of Faith 

Senses heightened. Mind aware. I let him get close. So close… It feels like I can’t tell Where he ends and where I start. Thus our story begins. 

Stepping Up

The sharp contours of his face contrast with the softness in his eyes. He has got me caught under his spell. His gaze wrapped up in mine. His arms engulfing me.

Nhà điêu khắc*

He had turned his father’s labor into art. The beauty of his carvings gathered fame. People travelled from all over the country to see him at work. There was grace and beauty in all his gestures. His moves were so soft and swift, it looked as if he were dancing.


I am home now. Alone. Empty. But alive. Life is unpredictable. So fragile. So persistent.   It is indescribable. Kind of confusing really.   That’s is it. I am stuck   in a provisory state of permanent confusion.

Transient Affections

He did not know what he wanted. He did not know what to do with his life. He felt like he was constantly watching time flutter and dwindle by, unable to grasp the flow of emotions repeatedly taking over, leaving his heart stranded on the shore.

The Scent

Whenever she passed by, there was this scent around her. She smelled like a meadow in spring – field flowers, tender earth and moist grass. Everything about her was refreshing.