Unmasked force. Open Behind closed doors, you layer Up when you reach out.

Speed of Life and Leaps of Faith

I do not believe It is all just luck and chance There is more to it We can all create Our own luck, shaping moments, Opportunities We make it happen We go out there  – minds open – Share, build connections.

The Tree House

April 1975 My brother and I had built that tree house next to our house with our uncle six years ago. Since then, on summer days, from dawn to dusk, we would sit there and pretend it was the largest, best-fortified castle in the kingdom


  UP! Your Strength – Blissful gift Walk, run, hike – Immersed in nature Reaching UP, all the way, Until you can’t climb any higher. And stop. Observe. Breathe it in, and out. You did it! You are standing on top of the world. 

My Space

Lone, peaceful comfort. Wooden lines and natural colors. High windows opening on balcony. Warm, scented, sunbathed space. Soft tunes and folk songs. Home, sweet, home.   Photographs and poem – Home – Day 1 of the Developing Eye 10-day Photo Challenge.


After a whole year of alarms ringing, Waking, hustling early every morning, Breakfast skipping, train rides and teaching, How good it feels to just lie there and chill.   I am stirring quietly, letting my eyes open, When they will. Basking in delight, and smiling, I let the softness of the sheets brush against my skin.

A Taste of Freedom

Liberty brings you to life. You get up at wee hours in the morning, get out and enjoy the rise of a beautiful summer day. You run with the music humming in your ears. It is so empowering. So fulfilling. The world around you looks overwhelming.


“People think we are lazy and we cannot shoulder hard work, Nor long, cold hours starring at a moving screen. Clearly they have never planned a coup.   I have been sitting by this house for days, Trying to establish a pattern, a routine of some kind,

Dripping Apart

Traces of the past have been marked On the rocks freed from the icy touch.   Lying on the ground, restless, aware Her age old body is shrinking, Breaking apart, melting away.

Sous La Mer de Glace*

We are digging our way into extinction. Growing apart Evolving backwards, Ignoring Nature’s calls, We are turning into selfish jailers.

Right Through Me

Very few people see beyond appearances. It takes them forever to see me for who I really am. Here though, right there on screen, you can see right through me. There is no need to read between my lines. I make it clear. My soul is exposed, yet I am serene.

One Way Road

I wish there was some magic formula to make you materialize in front of me and show me all the love you feel as you unveil my mystery and gaze upon my face for the first time.