Eyes and Ears

Cracking, crackling sounds, chomping clatter, cascading down with shreds, fragments Falling, thudding on branches. Leaves rustle – clamour answering the shocks, rippling in waves, bough to sprig. Shattered airborne seeds, scrap by scrap, fall back to Earth. Organic shells crash, inanimate dust.

Material Witness

Earthy plates crashing, segments colliding with force, exerting pressure,   causing mineral matter to rise and reach out to the skies, prickling   celestial grounds, tickling vaporous feet – ore touch, unsettling,

Textured Touch

Ardent Sun sets down, Caresses her sleek surface With his tinted rays. Zealous touch explores, Causing blissful shakes, shivers, Heated, flushed embrace. Fugitive gaze paints Fleeting tattoos on wet skin, Vibrant hues, fading, As lovers part to rest.