Trapped, hands tied, mouth taped, Slowly I grasp consciousness I open my eyes, Discover a den – Earthen ground, soiled sheets undone On a dirty bed.

The Ant Tavern

Tim was sitting in his favorite coffee place. It was large, crooked, ragged and loud. People were flowing in and out. Sharing stories with one another at the top of their lungs to cover the clamorous sound of music broadcasted on the dozen of old-school speakers, screwed on the walls.

Bright New Skies

Growing up in a rough place, he never thought he would make it. But there he was that day, in this place of all places, with that woman of all women. How gorgeous she looked waiting for him to come and pick her up on her porch.

Transient Affections

He did not know what he wanted. He did not know what to do with his life. He felt like he was constantly watching time flutter and dwindle by, unable to grasp the flow of emotions repeatedly taking over, leaving his heart stranded on the shore.

The Tree House

April 1975 My brother and I had built that tree house next to our house with our uncle six years ago. Since then, on summer days, from dawn to dusk, we would sit there and pretend it was the largest, best-fortified castle in the kingdom

Rushing through the Woods

“The wind was brushing on my face. I was running as fast as I could, exhilarated by the empowering freshness of the air coursing through my lungs. The oxygen it contained was energizing me. I loved this forest, its feel, its sounds, its tastes.

Writer’s Crush

Ever since I have started blogging Reading, following your works, I have felt spikes of admiration Love, sadness, empathy   Creativity is thriving all around me All around you, the lines we share, The work we do, our synergy is The stuff of dreams, the stuff of my dreams.

Celebrating Readers (2)

Stories are induced by the words of a writer, But they spring to life in the mind of the readers. ©Hailie Andersen “The verse is mine; but friend, when you declaim it, It seems like yours, so grievously you maim it.” An epigram of Martial

Blooming Wishes

Disclaimer – This post contains VIPPI – Very Important and Personal Pieces of Information. Pursue reading at your own risk.

The Catalyst

When I met your gaze, I was captivated. After a few stops, the guy next to me Stepped out, and you sat in his place.   With your presence close by I was inspired. Line after line, A new story was pouring on the page.   You were inhabiting my character.


You were observing me. I could feel your gaze on me. I met its reflection in the window.   Once, I held it back and smiled. You were intrigued by me – A gorgeous man like you. How wild!   You broke the silence and asked, Likely comforted by my smile,