Bright New Skies

Growing up in a rough place, he never thought he would make it. But there he was that day, in this place of all places, with that woman of all women. How gorgeous she looked waiting for him to come and pick her up on her porch.


It feels like you are everywhere Whenever I turn a corner, I catch a glimpse of your smiling face Our gazes cross paths and linger Just a few seconds longer than they should


She was watching him from the other side of the room Observing him The way he would press his hands on his head When he was lost in his thoughts

Love in Time of Space Travel

Riding on a flying saucer Meeting on the doorstep Of your house for the first Of a thousand fab rides   Flying you through to outer space – A secret aerodrome That’ll become our perfect place That’ll change our lives   For the worst and the best.


  Tonight under the clearest skies I look out through Thinking of you Baptizing stars with strangers’ names Wondering which is yours I blink and in an instant One of them is gone

Gone With The Wind

I turn around expecting to see you.   All I see is a line stretching at the far edge of the world. An infinity bearing the weight of the world on its shoulders. 

Speed of Life and Leaps of Faith

I do not believe It is all just luck and chance There is more to it We can all create Our own luck, shaping moments, Opportunities We make it happen We go out there  – minds open – Share, build connections.

You Are My Home

How much have I Been missing you! I am so excited! Opening The door To your Protective Chamber, I can feel My heart Hammering In my chest

Breaking Point

She sighed at the sight of him. He tried to grab her hand. She dodged his attempt and pulled away. He had betrayed her. She never asked him to be perfect. Not even kind. All she wanted from him was honesty. Knowing he would never lie to her face.


Earthbound my lone soul Takes off in leaps and bounds, still Hoping to land home.


He was walking down the street.   Preoccupied with the day he had just lived, His stream of thoughts was punctuated by numerous questions.   One could read on his face the scars, Red seals patching up his trampled heart.

The Last Straw

  If only you had not uttered that one sentence, She would not be crying, hurting where it matters the most   Heart struck you bite your lip hoping Your gripping teeth could tear That senseless mouth of yours, And retreat silently to your room.