Take Off

Step into the unknown, Out Of habit, Stretch and Walk, free of your own Will, out into the wide world


Keys turned in the lock. He walked in, and shed his coat and jacket in the lobby. Then he eyed his flat. Soulless, nude space, open lines, cold, empty walls, uplifted only by the view, and the grey light filtering through the high windows.


I am home now. Alone. Empty. But alive. Life is unpredictable. So fragile. So persistent.   It is indescribable. Kind of confusing really.   That’s is it. I am stuck   in a provisory state of permanent confusion.


It feels like you are everywhere Whenever I turn a corner, I catch a glimpse of your smiling face Our gazes cross paths and linger Just a few seconds longer than they should

Pot Pourri

Picture a multitude of richly scented pots of dried out flowers. Each an original mix. It downed on me that each human being can be compared to a pot pourri. What a weird statement, you will say.

Peaceful Departure

Resting in foliage shadows, I am contemplating the day I have had and what I could do of my remaining hours. I went hiking with my brother – we climbed up to lake Critol. I called my sister and my best friend. I had a great laugh with both of them.


  Nature rearranged, flowers set in an artificial fashion, Bright colors striking, capturing your attention, Fragrant news and mesmerizing thoughts Are attracting your focus some place. Meanwhile a myriad of plays are setting off,

Defining Love

Hey everyone,  I was talking to a friend of mine and we were wondering about the definition of love. What is Love to us?  Here is what I came up with:  To me “Love” is a delicate potion, a mix of attraction, admiration, desire, and care – all the above being physical and intellectual.


Paved, concrete, dirt roads. Asphalt. Deserted, ghost spaces. Dead-ends.   Flowered paths, Private roads, And alley ways.   Painted walls. Busy, bustling avenues. Streets meeting, forming lines webbing.   Joining, yet escaping

Coup de Foudre*

You have no idea what is going on Around you, the world is a blur. He is all you can see, hear, smell, and feel, And touch? You wonder… He speaks.  

Down Memory Lane

Reminiscent elements, redolent scents, Caressing breeze,  Evocative sounds, mindful tunes, Familiar shapes and  colors, So bright!