When I think of you My heart flutters Beats unexpected rhythms   My phone beeps It is you Cheeks fire up   Heart burns When I read Even the simplest words   You affect me In ways I did not expect Surprise me   At every turn


Along the asphalt road, the heart of the mountain whispers age-old tales of nature and men. Thriving, striving, belonging, nurturing, feeding, nourishing, settling, struggling, scarring, destroying, ruining, poisoning. Questioning mankind’s stand, stellar heroes brandish Nature’s coat of arms.

In the Seam

We are constantly walking between halls, of rooms, we can no longer enter – or cannot yet see – On a thin thread that ceases to exist, as soon as we land the next step. There is no walking back. No speeding up.


  Tonight under the clearest skies I look out through Thinking of you Baptizing stars with strangers’ names Wondering which is yours I blink and in an instant One of them is gone

I Wanted To Be Therefore I Am

This is a poem – a letter to myself – I wrote about ten years ago. Reading it back today made me smile. I have become the woman I wanted to be then. Twenty-year old me would be proud. This ten-year-older, future version of herself is just like she had envisioned. 

Dripping Apart

Traces of the past have been marked On the rocks freed from the icy touch.   Lying on the ground, restless, aware Her age old body is shrinking, Breaking apart, melting away.

Right Through Me

Very few people see beyond appearances. It takes them forever to see me for who I really am. Here though, right there on screen, you can see right through me. There is no need to read between my lines. I make it clear. My soul is exposed, yet I am serene.

Skies on Fire

“If and when love happens to you and me, it will be special. It will shake our worlds upside down and lift up all the specks gathering on our shelves – up to the skies and let them rain down again.

Blank Space

There are days when I feel like I have all the time in the world. Days when I feel patient, when I have this idea that everything will turn out all right. And there are days like today, when I don’t feel like it is going to be okay at all.

A Leap of Faith

Memories live in the past. If it is a present you want, and hopefully a future at her side, Don’t wait up. Hold her close and tell her You don’t want to look back.

Untangling Knots

… Reforming nets. Love is so cruel, we say, but is it? Maybe it is not. Maybe it is us – people – who are complicated… or unaware… unable to decrypt our own feelings. It could all be very simple. Either we love, or we don’t. Either we are attracted, or we are not. If one of those is missing… …Well, then

High in Translation

“There was this tingling feeling all over me. It was within me too. Tiny specks of unknown matter were popping on my skin with a prick, rushing there in waves – some cold as ice, and others hot as fire. I could sense their force in my flesh and bones.