First Encounter

You couldn’t help yourself. The temptation was too strong. The stakes were high, your heart at risk.   I seemed too delectable a treat to miss out on. You told yourself, there had to be a flaw somewhere, If only you could find it, you’d be free again.

Dripping Apart

Traces of the past have been marked On the rocks freed from the icy touch.   Lying on the ground, restless, aware Her age old body is shrinking, Breaking apart, melting away.

A Leap of Faith

Memories live in the past. If it is a present you want, and hopefully a future at her side, Don’t wait up. Hold her close and tell her You don’t want to look back.


If you feel like you are at the heart of a storm, Ghastly place – there is no way out, no escape, Nothing is left for you to hold on to, Sadness is washing over you, Hope has sailed away, Hang on! Don’t sink! Reach out! If not to others, Look within yourself.

Untangling Knots

… Reforming nets. Love is so cruel, we say, but is it? Maybe it is not. Maybe it is us – people – who are complicated… or unaware… unable to decrypt our own feelings. It could all be very simple. Either we love, or we don’t. Either we are attracted, or we are not. If one of those is missing… …Well, then


A tiny voice in my head: “Nice to meet you! How do you do?” How nice it would be to hear that from you. Await I did – I watched – patient in my place, Knowing a lifetime chance might never present itself again. A single phrase to a stranger’s ear could make it real.

Icy Light

The party was long over, And though from that day on, On and off, I had been thinking of you, I knew those thoughts never meant to stay.   Until one day, appeared a familiar face on a screen, Long forgotten souvenir of a winter night’s dream Parading as a timeless wink,

Favoured Grounds (2)

Is it the right time? Am I smiling, laughing? Looking absent? Is my heart taken, torn, or ready to welcome yours? You have observed me, so, obviously,   You feel you know all about me. Still. Inquire before you assume. You could be surprised.

Favoured Grounds (1)

Are your affections permanent, transient, or evanescent? Is your heart taken, torn or ready to welcome me? Is your life style compatible with mine?   Could we merge and emerge higher, Once we bond together? Ask yourself   Come prepared Before you Ask   Me.

Crossroads Freeze

Wake up! Stir… Choose… Go ahead! Make up your mind. Make a move, and On to the next decision. Steer clear of diversion. Note to self:  Don’t delay too long Know that Most often than not


Here comes my riddle, So listen closely.   “My whole is a powerful link that can’t be accessed in a blink.   It is not… A secret. Well-kept. Guarded. Hidden.   Yet it is… Preserved, So precious, lovely and tender, to some, it has come to sound unattainable.

Soul Lines

We were standing in front of a strange door. He pushed it open with a resolved hand. We hopped on a fast train to his core. He looked me straight in the eyes, held my gaze, and took my hand.