The Object of My AffectionS

You are the object of my affections The person in this world I most desire The soul around whom I feel most comfortable.

Fallen Tear

Vivid lights, soul magic breaks out, floods the world with a single tear.

Once Upon A Dream

  Once upon a dream Tainted ties and lulling lies Torn up on the seam Broken lines, and bitter eyes

Copper Limbs

Copper limbs and broken ribs Stone cold glance in one last stance Another creature falls under human arson.

Ferris Wheel Ride

“You took my hand Sent me on a ferris wheel ride Driving to the core of our lives Emerging on a high So close yet so wide apart”


“My reality is declining. I’m lost in translation between the world with you and its bland alternate without.”


“Words of time, traveling to the stars beyond. Words of love, drowning in the memory rains. Words of mine, falling down upon dreams of tomorrow.” – Ivor

Un et Une

Ouvre moi ton coeur, Open your heart to me, Montre moi les details, Show me the details, Qui composent ton être, That create who you are, Intime de ton histoire, Intimate of your story, Inconnu de la mienne. Yet unknown in mine.

Love Designs

“There they were In their hearts Somewhere As if they had always belonged there”