Set Yourself Free

When it comes to building who we want to be, the only limits we have are the ones we set for ourselves.

Living Up to the Best of Me

Beliefs are just words and they only hold the power that you are willing to give to them. Therefore we can choose not to trust in them. I for one will not submit to accepted ideas. I will choose to live up to my own ideals.

Being There

I will never regret helping out or using some of my time listening to people around me. I do not expect anything back in return. Although most often than not, when I am there for someone, I know they will be there for me too, if and when I need them.

Life’s Beauteous Mystery

We cannot predict where we will be, or what we will become exactly, but we can pave our way there with every action we take. That is how we form each facet of who we want to be. Each day, each action, each decision matters and takes us closer to our realization.

Sailing Away

My dreams are my choices and I will not let them be pirated by someone else’s vision for my world.

Let Us Bloom

I am not scared by our world, and even less so by the people who walk around it. I trust in myself and those I choose to have around me. My free spirit will not be harnessed by fear. It will thrive around the love and trust that we infuse it with.

There is no Fate, only Choices and Actions

I believe that each and every one of us can become who we want to be. That begins in every choice we make, every path we take in the present. With each step we will see our ever-evolving ways assemble the mosaic of our future selves.

Strength Lies in Solidarity

All we need are strong examples to lead. Strong personalities to dare defy age-old misconceptions of success through individualism and self-centredness. Strength resides in the ability to share and work with others.  

Critical Minds

We are creatures of habit. We learn from examples. We often internalise contradictory beliefs and have to think critically and make up our own minds.  

Positive Path to Happiness

Positive deeds and attitudes are deeply contagious. They are the light that will guide us to realizing the beauty of our human strength and potential. They are the essence of a life shared together, and our pathway to happiness.