I Wanted To Be Therefore I Am

This is a poem – a letter to myself – I wrote about ten years ago. Reading it back today made me smile. I have become the woman I wanted to be then. Twenty-year old me would be proud. This ten-year-older, future version of herself is just like she had envisioned. 


If you feel like you are at the heart of a storm, Ghastly place – there is no way out, no escape, Nothing is left for you to hold on to, Sadness is washing over you, Hope has sailed away, Hang on! Don’t sink! Reach out! If not to others, Look within yourself.

Untangling Knots

… Reforming nets. Love is so cruel, we say, but is it? Maybe it is not. Maybe it is us – people – who are complicated… or unaware… unable to decrypt our own feelings. It could all be very simple. Either we love, or we don’t. Either we are attracted, or we are not. If one of those is missing… …Well, then

Blooming Wishes

Disclaimer – This post contains VIPPI – Very Important and Personal Pieces of Information. Pursue reading at your own risk.


We all need to nurture our souls. For their beauty outlasts that of our bodies.


Self-centered? Of course I am. I always look to grow.   I am not selfless. I am self-aware.   I am not  doing it just for you. I am doing it for me too.   I am not expecting anything in return. Simply being kind to you Renders my soul more beautiful. I am happy to help. 

The Forever Dilemma

A timespan can never be foreseen, despite promises, and even if it does seem promising.   “Forever Thine, Love” You want to hear it, But even if he or she does mean it, Rarely does Love seem to keep it.   If yours does withstand time, by all means do cherish it.

Heart-Break Pollution

You can never forecast Whether it is the last of those rejections, But you have to move past And on to your next dice-roll projections.   From The Truth About Love, by B.

Whole or None

I for one Have tried and found, I am happier unbound, Than with only half my one.   From The Truth About Love, by B.

Be Happy!

Look! Out there Lies not just one path That leads to your happiness. Before you can find it elsewhere, My advice is to build it within yourself. Then you can go on, and explore at your own pace.   From The Truth About Love, by B.

Decipher My Mystery

Mysterious… Anything you perceive as such might appear so, because you have yet to sip it up, and take it in to sort it out.