Love in Time of Space Travel

Riding on a flying saucer Meeting on the doorstep Of your house for the first Of a thousand fab rides   Flying you through to outer space – A secret aerodrome That’ll become our perfect place That’ll change our lives   For the worst and the best.


Originally posted on forgottenmeadows:
image copyright neha 2016 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hello Everyone! Michael, Marie and I are so excited to announce that #PoetsForPeace is now LIVE and PUBLISHED in Praxis Magazine Online! We are so grateful to  Laura M Kaminski and Tee Jay Dan, editors at…


  Tonight under the clearest skies I look out through Thinking of you Baptizing stars with strangers’ names Wondering which is yours I blink and in an instant One of them is gone


Souls wielding Time and opportunities Arising from moments Instant flashes Turning wheels