Vibrant Hues

Life is already weaving its designs. Ahead of us flows an invisible web of colored strings Bonding to form the most vibrant fabric imaginable, Binding the very threads that make up our souls.

Once Upon A Dream

  Once upon a dream Tainted ties and lulling lies Torn up on the seam Broken lines, and bitter eyes

Un et Une

Ouvre moi ton coeur, Open your heart to me, Montre moi les details, Show me the details, Qui composent ton ĂȘtre, That create who you are, Intime de ton histoire, Intimate of your story, Inconnu de la mienne. Yet unknown in mine.

A Mountain of Pebbles

Upon waking up he felt relieved. He was addicted to her. Her voice… Her skin, her eyes, her arms, her touch   Her stories… He liked everything about her, When they were together. — Then it came ruining Everything.

Terra Firma

It hurt her to know that she would never feel His arms around her again, she considered, But it was a higher relief to be off That straining roller coaster of highs and lows.


She had sent him a text that morning, Then she had had a crappy day. A virtual hug, a cuddle, A listening ear. His words. She knew anything from him Would have made her feel better.


I’m giving you space, But you are taking so much, It feels like escape.